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About Us

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Our Team

Our Management team consists of 9 Senior Production or Salespeople. Some have Hort Degrees, others have decades of real life experience making life more livable for Minnesotans year round. Each division has dedicated people, each in their specialty. Along with them, we have Supervisors, Foremen, Specialized Technicians and office staff. We don’t hire high school kids like others do and we don’t add too many college kids for summer, although the ones we do get are some of the best workers.


For the better part of 30 years, Showcase Landscape has served as the Twin Cities’ premier commercial grounds maintenance company.  We have experts, licensed professionals and degreed horticulturists on staff all year round.


Our team values dedication and attention to detail. Our account managers, production managers, irrigation techs and horticultural specialists all have an average of 13 years of industry experience, therefore your site will be cared for by professionals dedicated to the field.

In-House Team

Other commercial landscape & snow removal companies heavily rely on outside contractors, which can often affect quality and reliability. At Showcase, we keep a major portion of our talent in-house, something few competitors can boast. This allows us to deliver quick and reliable snow removal services.

Rapid Response

With our large, in-house workforce, we focus our efforts on where they are most effective. Our specialists will be on top of landscape issues, lawn disease and insect problems and irrigation troubles.   For winter, we track storms and respond quickly. For each snowfall, we send out a fleet that includes 30 skid loaders, 25 trucks and up to 10 payloaders. We manage these resources efficiently using GPS tracking of the fleet to quickly service customers like you.

Experienced Team

Through our great team, we respond quickly to snowfall, and we do a great job on your property. The reason? Our staff has a lot of experienceOur upper management alone has a combined 90 years of snow removal experience.

Showcase Landscape – 30 Years of Experience and Counting!

With over 30 years of experience, Showcase Landscape knows how to make your properties come to life. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we strive to make your outdoor space a place you want to be.