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There are many very good lawn care companies servicing the Twin Cities. Showcase Landscape stands out from the competition by providing outstanding quality service. When you select a lawn or tree/shrub service you are buying more than someone making the scheduled treatments, you are purchasing expert support for your lawn. Our team of trained professionals can provide you the answers and solutions you need to have a quality lawn.

No, we will apply your treatments on a timely basis. At the time of each application we will leave you detailed information on what we applied to your property and any specific recommendations we may have after inspecting your property and leave a flag in your lawn near the driveway.

Yes, we stand behind our service. If you are not satisfied with the results of our application, we will continue to work with you to get it corrected.

All of the products selected for use in the Showcase Landscape programs are approved for use on residential turf and landscapes. Application rates are always per manufacturer recommendations. Many of the products we use in our programs have the same active ingredients as the products you can purchase from a local nursery.

We recommend you wait a minimum of 24 hours after an application. This allows time for the weed control to enter the plant tissue of any weeds that may be present and move throughout the plant for maximum control.

Usually you will see the plant begin to discolor and the leaves begin to curl after just a couple days. Usually total control of the weed is not achieved for 18 to 21 days following an application. To get good control, it is important the weed control be moved throughout the entire plant before the plant shuts totally down. If after 21 days you feel your weed control did not get the level of control you feel it should have, we ask that you notify us immediately and we will be happy to re-treat it at no additional cost.