Horticulture Services

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The Proper Horticulture Services at just the right time.

You know your property is unique and so do we. That’s why we use our knowledge of the local area and its unique soil and grass types to utilize what’s best for you. We also consider your safety and that of your family, friends and pets when administering our lawn services. We use the most environmentally sound products, and offer both traditional and organic lawn care services.

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Click for Free Estimate or call us at 763-493-2500

Property Managers enjoy getting the following services customized for their needs:

Turf Services


By aerating your property, you get healthier, greener grass. Introducing new varieties of seed to your lawn when we aerate modernizes your lawn, growing vastly superior bluegrass varieties. Trust our professionals to get the job done right.

Lawn Aerator


For fertilizer to work, the application must be tailored to your soil conditions, which is why we base our fertilizer program on the environmental conditions of Minnesota. With our program, your grass will be healthy and reveal its inner beauty. It won’t only be gorgeous, but it will also build a resistance to drought, insects, and weeds.

Pruning Practices


Horticulture is defined as growing plants including flowers shrubs, and more. For most plants, we apply hand pruning with the goal of keeping the plant or shrub in it’s natural form. We only utilize hedge trimmers where well-developed hedges exist. All other proper pruning practices will be applied as well.

Proper Timing

Our skilled workers will provide you with expert Horticulture Services.

We are careful to do all of our pruning at the proper time of year with the well being of your plants always foremost in our minds. Our employees don’t prune spring flowering plants in the fall, doing so would jeopardize the following year’s bloom. Similarly, we wouldn’t normally prune a summer blooming dogwood in the spring, right before it blooms. In the fall, we trim perennials as they die back, which follows proper practice for these plants. 

With bids for our town home and commercial pruning,  the pruning contracts usually cover shaping that removes a few inches during the pruning.