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Lawn Care Service, Aeration, Landscape & Irrigation


Do you want a healthy, green lawn without the hassle? You can count on Showcase Lawn & Landscape to make it happen. With every lawn being different, our expert technicians provide a tailored treatment, featuring superior weed control & fertilization. With our lawn care in the Minneapolis – St Paul area,  your lawn will thrive. And the best part? You won’t have to lift a finger!


We want you to take pleasure in your lawn, especially during the warm months of the summer season. For that reason, we put in the prep work in the colder months to ensure that you will have a beautiful lawn to enjoy when the warmer weather arrives. We always customize our child and pet-friendly lawn care solutions to what is best for your yard. Our technicians will give recommendations, explain the processes, and answer all of the questions you might have. We cater to the issues surrounding your turf to take advantage of your landscape.


Showcase Lawn Care is SO much more than a lawn care company. Unlike just about every other lawn care service, we have Landscape Design staff, Landscape Installers, Irrigation troubleshooters and installers! We even spray for mosquitos, fleas and ticks, and even mow thousands of townhome units each week. Our experience is deep and broad. We tailor our services to the unique climate and conditions of Minnesota to ensure you get healthy, strong grass in every season. Are you ready to start enjoying your backyard? Explore our services to learn how we can help you today!

Lawn Aeration
Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Aeration Services

Increasing the effectiveness of your lawn care

To keep your lawn lush, thick and green, utilize Showcase Landscape’s Aeration Service. Core aeration takes plugs of turf, thatch, and soil out of your lawn. This allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach your lawn’s roots. The result is more of what your lawn needs to grow stronger and healthier.

Aeration Service Benefits

By aerating your lawn, you get healthier, greener grass. Introducing new varieties of seed to your lawn when we aerate modernizes your lawn by introducing vastly superior bluegrass varieties. Trust our professionals to get the job done right.

Interested in exploring our other services?

Sprinkler Installs & Repairs

  • Experienced technicians to revamp, restore, and rework existing sprinkler systems
  • Install new systems on timers to ensure a lush, green lawn throughout the warmer months
  • Monthly Contracts available

Mosquito Defense

  • Defend yourself from the State Bird of Minnesota – the Mosquito
  • Great for events or for longer-term relief from Mosquitoes
  • Consider calling us for outdoor weddings, graduation parties, concerts, and lake-life mosquito control
Mosquito Treatment