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Lawn Sprinkler Services

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Even dated irrigation systems can be restored and revamped, significantly saving you money. No matter what you need, call our local lawn sprinkler specialists to provide cost effective solutions. Keep your residential or commercial property green and healthy throughout the spring, summer and fall and utilize our lawn sprinkler services. In the end, use our cost-effective irrigation services, which includes new installs, renovation, troubleshooting, caps and reroutes.

Whatever your need, Showcase Landscape can help you get the beautiful lawn you deserve. Get your FREE LAWN ANALYSIS & ESTIMATE today or call (763) 493-2500  for more information.

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Monthly Service Contracts

Enjoy a green and healthy lawn throughout the summer with monthly service contracts for your home or commercial property. Because we’ve been in the business for years, we know how to provide quality maintenance and repairs to homeowners, homeowners associations, shopping malls and other businesses.

The Monthly Service Contract Includes

  1. Monthly maintenance from Showcase Landscape
  2. A complete and detailed analysis of any existing system
  3. Irrigation system checks and tests
  4. Repairs for broken sprinkler heads, timers, valves and pumps
  5. Quick responses and repairs after natural hazards like lightning and storms.

Pricing and Plans for Residential Customers

Regular Maintenance Program

Includes a spring startup, inspection of system and head adjustments (at startup), and finally, a fall blowout. Residential clients must have up to 13 zones to qualify for the plan.

Spring Startup and Fall Blowout Only

Spring, Summer and Fall

Includesd with the spring startup, inspection of system and head adjustments (at startup), a fall blowout and finally, mid-season checks for commercial and residential clients. Residential clients have up to 13 zones to qualify for the plan.

Full Service

Includes a spring startup, inspection of system and head adjustments (at startup), mid season inspection and finally, common repairs, which cover up to five heads, two lateral or feeder line leaks and two valve replacements. The plan doesn’t include back-flow, plumbing, rain sensors, lake pumps or controller problems.

*Systems with lake pumps are an additional cost

Information on Importance of Backflow Testing and Repair is coming soon on our FAQ Page

Give us a call for…

  • Pump Installs and Repairs
  • Pipe Installs and Repairs
  • Head installs and repairs
  • Timer installs and repairs
  • Pool Tear-outs
  • And More!
Lawn Care

Why Customers Love Our Irrigation Services

  • To minimize future back-flow problems, we dig shallow wells.
  • Furthermore, Showcase technicians meticulously seek out ways to increase water efficiency.
  • If you live on or near a lake or river, Showcase can route water from the nearby waterway to save you money.

To learn more about our irrigation services or to take advantage of special pricing, contact us online or give us a call at 763-493-2500

Keep your lawn hydrated

Fill out our Free Estimate Request form, or call us at (763) 493-2500, and we’ll arrange for one of our Twin Cities lawn care specialists to conduct a free, no obligation lawn analysis and estimate. Find out why Showcase offers the best value, and contact us today to lock in special pricing.

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