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Retaining Walls

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Benefits of Retaining Walls

Property owners receive a lot of benefits from properly designed Hardscapes & Retaining walls. In fact, they are among the most logical additions to any outdoor space, with many benefits. They help improve safety in outdoor areas by preventing soil erosion. Your landscape will be enhanced, therefore it’s beauty will stand out when constructed with premium materials such as concrete retaining wall blocks.


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Walls are highly functional to the construction of your home or business, however, they also generally serve as decorative components. Our retaining walls are created to last for years. You will see your walls as an incredible feature that won’t just add stunning aesthetic beauty to your property, but will also sharply increase its value.

Customers realize that retaining walls provide extra gardening space for your landscape. By effectively increasing level regions for gardening or built-in seating, the retaining walls upgrade your landscape’s beauty. These walls are an excellent way to make the most out of your yard, regardless of its size.

Employees at Showcase Landscape build these outdoor features for our Minnesota customers to last for years. In addition, our experience ensures we know how to ensure their durability and integrity. Our past creations still look like they were installed only yesterday. So if you want retaining walls that are functional, attractive, and durable, just call us at (763) 493-2500.

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Outstanding Walls, Professional Installation Crews

At Showcase Landscape, we don’t create walls that look ordinary. Instead, we design and build walls that are sure to withstand tons of pressure. All the while, these walls enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. We design and build walls with thorough planning. Properly building practices ensure walls serve their function.

Additionally, our properly trained crews creatively design and durably build walls for property owners in the Twin Cities. Showcase uses the right tools and equipment. We work efficiently and at a faster pace in comparison to our competitors. Our Installers know how to translate clients’ ideas into retaining walls that are extraordinary, eye-catching, and able to hold back soil from eroding.

Only the Finest Retaining Wall Materials

You can be assured that we only use premium hardscape blocks in all our projects. We have partner manufacturers who supply us with high-quality materials. Examples include  Versa Lok, Willow Creek, Eull, and Belgarde as well as many more.

Interested in seeing some of our completed projects? Head over to our Portfolio Page to learn more!